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Horze Horze Zungenstreckergebiss

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keine Angabe Horze Zungenstreckergebiss
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95 9.5 cm
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125 12.5 cm
135 13.5 cm
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155 15.5 cm
165 16.5 cm

When measuring the bit size, always measure the length from the inside of one bit ring (or cheekpiece) to the inside of the opposite one. Make sure the bit is straightened. The thickness of the bit is always measured just inside the bit ring. When placed in the horse’s mouth, there should be max. 5mm (¼") play on either side of the bit.

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This unusual bit keeps your horse from getting his tongue over the bit.

Die Plättchen in der Mitte verhindern, dass das Pferd die Zunge über das Gebiss legt.

Besondere Eigenschaften:

  • Double-jointed loose ring snaffle bit
  • Center plate with closed spoon attachment
  • Stainless steel
  • Ideal for horses with bit vices

Technische Beschreibung:

Stärke: 18mm.


Always wash a bit after each ride. Remove from bridle and soak in hot water. Use small brush to remove residue. Dry with clean towel.

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